Green PPR 90 Degree Elbow

Green PPR 90 Degree Elbow

DIN8077/8078 Standard PPR 45 Degree Elbow/Bend for Water Plumbing & heating, sized from dn20-110mm in PN25,green/grey/white colors for choice, produced by superior quality that are warranted with 15 years, best competitive wholesale price & prompt delivery can be met. Contact us for more details of PPR 45 Degree Elbow/Bend from SUNPLAST!!!

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Описание продукции

О фитингах PPR труб 
PPR pipes and fittings are manufactured from polypropylene random copolymer, which is also called type 3, They have become the most reliable components in plumbing systems for hot and cold water use with service life of 50 years,


As the best material for water plumbing, PPR pipes & fittings have many advantages: 
※ Health & suitable for drinkable water : hygienic and low bacterial growth, 
※ Long working life: high durability with minimum 50 years of life span for normal use 
※ High water flow: Smooth interior surface results no friction giving high flow, 
• Вкус и запах нейтральные,
※ Heat preservation and energy saving 
※ Good performance at high working pressure: PPR pipes & fittings can be used at max, 95℃ hot water for 50 years, 
• Не протекает: фитинги PPR-трубок соединены плавлением тепла, Соединение может выдерживать более высокое давление, чем сама труба,


SUNPLAST PPR pipes & fittings are manufactured according to German DIN8077/8078 & ISO 15874 standards with sizes ranging from 20mm up to 110mm, The outstanding temperature rating up to 95℃ and pressure rating up to 25 bars make PPR piping system the ideal solution for variety of applications including: 
• Сети трубопроводов горячей и холодной питьевой воды в жилых и коммерческих зданиях,
※ Heating systems, 
※ Chilled water networks in air conditioning systems, as an effective light weight and corrosion free substitute for steel pipes, 
â € »Перевозка широкого спектра химических веществ в промышленности,
※ Piping networks for rainwater utilization systems and swimming pools facilities, 
• Установки сжатого воздуха и другие промышленные применения,

SUNPLAST company is able to complete sizes of PPR pipe fittings with sizes ranging from 20mm to 110mm, including: equal coupler, reducing coupler, female coupler, male coupler, elbow 90, elbow 45, female elbow, male elbow, equal tee, reducing tee, female tee, male tee, valves,,etc,

PPR Fittings ,jpg  

Product name

ППР 45 градусов локоть

Sizes available


Рейтинг давления

PN25 bars

Используемый материал

High quality PPR raw material

Доступные цвета

green, white & grey, or as per request

Стандарты соответствуют

DIN 8077/8078, EN ISO 15874

OEM available

Имеется в наличии

Samples available

Yes, sample available for small quantity,

Packing method




Время выполнения продукции

About 15-20 days for a 20ft container, 20-25 days for a 40ft container,

Warranty time

15 лет для нормального использования

Payment term

T / T или LC в виде

FOB loading port

Ningbo or Shanghai China

Место происхождения

Zhejiang, China

Product Спецификацияs                             

ППР 45 градусов локоть can be provided from 20-110mm in green/white/grey colors, with pressure rating of PN25 bars:



Кол-во в упаковке

Объем упаковки


(Г / шт)



PPR elbow 45°

L20Ã-45A °




L25Ã-45A °




L32Ã-45A °




L40Ã-45A °








L63Ã-45A °

















※ Could SUNPLAST PPR Pipes & fittings be used at high temperature water systems? 
A: Yes, PPR pipes & fittings can be used at max, 95℃ hot water for 50 years in normal use,

※ Can SUNPLAST PPR pipes be used in underfloor heating systems? 
A: Yes, PPR pipes & fitting have a good performance when they are used for hot water, Thus, they can be used as underfloor heating pipe,

Какова основная разница между HDPE трубы PPR трубы? Как я могу сделать выбор?
A: HDPE pipe made by polyethylene is NOT suitable for hot water supply, PPR pipe can be used at max, 95℃ temperature hot water, 
For piping system for hot water, then PPR pipe is a good choice, Otherwise for cold water, HDPE pipe can do it very well,


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Sunplast, through over 15 years' development, is now known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of din8077/8078 standard pn16, pn20, pn25 green/white/grey ppr pipe for water plumbing system in China, Our factory has introduced many advanced technologies and equipments into it, Please be free to buy the quality and low price products made in SUNPLAST!

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