Преимущество трубы PPR


1, good flexibility, PPR pipes are less prone to deformation, nor broken, greatly reduce the amount of joint use.

2, коррозионно-стойкие, водонепроницаемые и трубы PPR и фитинги устойчивы к химическим веществам в водной эрозии, можно избежать образования гладкой внутренней поверхности воды

3, high temperature, high pressure, PPR pipes and fittings, water under pressure at ambient temperature for 45kg/m2 pipe deformation temperature of 112 degrees.

4, have long performance life, PPR pipes and fittings, for his old age, huaqiang, normal operating service life of 50 years.

Construction of 5, simple maintenance, PPR pipe good flexibility allows quick and easy connection, safe and reliable.