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PPR Pipes How To Better Identify


Home decoration of the boom to promote the building materials market prosperity, PPR Pipes is every home decoration to use the water pipe materials, today's building materials market, PPR Pipesline variety, brand thousands, fierce competition. There are some PPR Pipesline with inferior quality impact market, shoddy, consumers from the surface and can not be identified.

Poor quality PPR Pipes life is short, only can use 1-2 years, once the consumer chooses the inferior PPR Pipesline, in the short term use, will have the leakage, the explosion tube and so on accident, newly renovated new house may be destroyed.

Authentic PPR Pipes Under normal conditions, the service life of up to 50 years, PPR Pipesline non-High-tech products, determine the key to the quality of PP-R raw materials (China imports from the foreign high-quality raw materials only accounted for one-fifth of the domestic dosage).

How to choose the right pipe at the right price is a very important thing for them. Here are a few tips to tell you how to distinguish the quality of a PPR tube:

1. & quot; Коснитесь & quot;

Whether the texture is delicate, the particle is even. Now the market PPR tube mainly has several colors of lime green, the general situation, recycling plastic do not white, so many people tend to think that white is the best, in fact, this view is relatively one-sided. As technology is updated, color is not the standard for distinguishing the quality of the PPR tube. Tube is good or bad, see is unable to solve the problem, touch a touch, the coarse particles may be mixed with other impurities.

2. «Запах»

Там нет запаха. Труба PPR Основным материалом является полипропилен, хорошая труба без запаха, плохой вкус, скорее всего, он будет смешиваться с полиэтиленом, а не с полипропиленом.

3. «Щепотка»

Труба PPR со значительной твердостью, случайно может быть зажата в деформированную трубу, конечно, не трубу PPR.

4. "Smashing"

Good PPR Tube, "resilience" good, too easy to smash naturally not good PPR tube. But the hardness is not equal to elasticity good, how all smashed the ppr tube, we will leave a question. Because some unscrupulous manufacturers by adding too much calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, such a long time to easily brittle crack.

5. "Burn"

The ignition is very intuitive and it works. The PPR tube, which mixes recycled plastics and other impurities in the raw material, will take on black smoke and have a pungent odor. A good material will not only not smoke and smell after burning, but the molten liquid is still clean.

For the installation of PPR piping, we can not be so professional, but understanding the most basic welding procedures can help us better check the installation of water pipes to meet the specifications, so that the safe use of water can be protected.

1, the surface of pipes and joints to ensure clean, smooth, oil-free.

2. Вам нужно отметить попытку ввода трубы. (равна глубине разъема разъема).

3, the entire embedded to carry out deep heating, including pipes and joints, are in the welding tool.

4, after the completion of heating time, the pipeline smooth and evenly pushed into the joint, so that their combination of solid and perfect.

5, in a few seconds after the pipe joint welding, can adjust the position of the joint.

6, in a short period of time, the connector can be completely with the load.

7, с саморегулируемым сварочным аппаратом горячего расплава для сварки трубы и фитингов, температура составляет 260.

8. Подключите аппарат к источнику питания (220 В) и подождите, пока зеленый индикатор мигнет, показывая, что он достиг температуры пайки и начал работать.

9, because the material weight is light, has the flexibility, all melts can carry on the work stage, this advantage may save the work hours.

10, иногда в стене, чтобы сделать определенные соединения, чтобы обратить внимание на соединение в с