Гофрированная труба из HDPE


Basic Info

  • Model NO.:PE80 PE100

  • Составной материал: пластиковая композитная труба

  • Материал: ЧП Про

  • Installation and Connection:Clamping Type Installation

  • Technology of Plastic Composite Pipe:Internal and External Coating

  • Опорная труба из пластиковой композитной трубы: бесшовная труба

  • Материалы внутреннего покрытия пластиковой композитной трубы: внутренняя эпоксидная смола снаружи полиэтиленовая стальная труба

  • Форма покрытия для пластиковых композитных труб: внутреннее и внешнее покрытие

  • Plastic Composite Pipe Model:HDPE

  • Steel Skeleton PE Pipe Use:Chemical

  • Алюминиевые пластиковые составные трубы

  • Труба стальная пластиковая композитная Модель: HY1-GEP-DN100

  • Aluminium Plastic Compound Pipe Material:High Density Polyethylene Aluminum Composite Pipe

Product Description

Properties of Ginde hdpe pipe for water supply 
The polyethylene water supply pipe is a new product formed from extruding, taking the high quality polyethylene resin as main material, adding necessary assistant such as antioxidant, ultraviolet absorber and so on. The polyethylene water supply pipe has application history of forty years in abroad. It is perfect choice in many pipelines by the approving of practice. It can be used widely in many kinds of pipeline projects with the working pressure of 0.32MPa~1.6MPa and the working temperature of -20oC~40oC, such as municipal water supply, drainage, petrochemical industry, mine, irrigation of agricultural land, drain contamination, mortar transportation, landfill of refuse and so on.
The "Ginde" brand high density polyethylene pipeline made of inward material by Ginde group has many advantages, such as good chemical performance resistant, good electric insulation, corrosion proof, no rust, convenient for construction, quick maintenance and so on. The water supply tubing is produced and accepted according to the GB/T13663-2000 "Polyethylene (PE) tubing for water supply"  Through the spot checking of the national plastic product supervision checking testing center, the "Gind" brand polyethylene water supply pipe has reached or exceeded the national standard reques
2. Основные технические показатели Ginde алюминиево-пластиковых композитных труб
Коэффициент поломки расширения â ‰ ¥ 350
Longitudinal recovery ratio(110oC)%                      ≤3
Oxidation induction time (220oC)min                       ≥20
Weather resistant    80 oC silence hydaulic pressure   No breakage,no leakage Intensity 165h
(after receiving 3.5GJ/m2  Breakage coefficient of                ≥350
 in count by the tubing)      extension%  Oxidation inductiion time ≥10 (200oC)