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Трубопроводная арматура PPR со своими собственными преимуществами


PPR pipe fittings in China's market has a larger development prospects, China's ppr pipe in the use of various industries in the continuous improvement of the demand for ppr pipe is also constantly expanding, the new ppr pipe as a new product in the pipe, To meet the market demand is more severe. Then for everyone to analyze why there is a very large development prospects:

PPR tube not only has the usual plastic tube weight is small, anti-corrosion, difficult to scale, the use of a long time and other features, there are other primary features such as:

1, the device is simple, convergence on the line. PPR also has excellent welding function, pipe, pipe fittings can be used to melt and melt to weld, and its convergence some of the strength than its own hardness is also greater.

2, PPR waste can also be recycled.

3, его использование в течение длительного времени. Трубка PPR при рабочей температуре 70 ƒ, рабочее давление (P.N) 1.OMPa условия, можно использовать не менее 50 лет; при температуре 20 ° С в случае не менее 100 лет.

4, PPR material molecules only carbon, hydrogen, there is no harmful toxic substances exist, can be used in hot and cold water pipes and pure drinking water system.

5, this material can be insulated and energy saving. PPR tube thermal conductivity of 0.21w / mk, about 1/200 of steel.

6, отличная термостойкость. Трубка PPR Точка размягчения Вика 131,5 мм. Максимальная рабочая температура до 95 ° С, может достигать строительства стандартов водоснабжения и водоотведения при использовании стандартов системы горячего водоснабжения.

PPR pipe fittings production demand is also constantly ahead of the quality of the product is not the slightest slack, ppr tube as a new type of pipe in the 21st century, occupies an important position in the market, made the majority of users Praise. So we must be selected in the selection of high quality GB products, not because of cheap and lead to late irreparable fault.

PPR pipe fittings, although there are also very good performance, but because of the reasons for the material itself and the strength of the metal pipe material or a certain gap. In the transport of the time must be protected ppr pipe, to avoid excessive collision caused by PPR pipe damage.

Трубопроводная арматура PPR в антивозрастных характеристиках является очень хорошей трубой, но в качестве пластикового материала, производимого продуктом, подвергается длительному ультрафиолетовому излучению или неизбежно будет иметь определенную степень старения, даже если неважно, насколько хорош процесс не может избежать такой проблемы

Трубные фитинги PPR соединяются с пластиковой трубой, соединительным инструментом, который используется для соединения трубки с ее собственными преимуществами, способностью против старения, в трубе, когда некоторые телескопические элементы остаются неподвижными.

When using less than PPR pipe fittings, this interface should not be frequently unscrewed to avoid loosening of the situation, to maintain a stable working condition. PPR pipe fittings to place it in a ventilated and dry place, can not be long-term compression or soaked in water, this will make the joints of the pipe by varying degrees of damage.